Design Thinking: What are Awareness Booklets?

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Awareness Booklet - MJV Blog

Those following the MJV blog already know that design thinking has amazing tools to help us fully understand the challenges of a project, especially user perception. Here, you will learn more about the Awareness Booklet.

The booklets are a way to obtain information about people and their universe. The booklets enable the collection of user data with minimal interference in their actions, when the matter investigated unfolds intermittently or during a long period time. We created a video to demonstrate how to use this technique.

As opposed to a direct and personal observation approach, this technique allows users to make their own accounts of their daily life activities. This type of information is useful in the immersion phase, as it enables the comprehension of the users’ universe, dreams and expectations, without the researchers having to seek them out.

When to use it

It’s generally used when the user is physically distant or when it’s a delicate subject and it would make him/her feel more at ease to record the information alone. The booklets can also be used to prepare the participants to a generative session, allowing them to come to the meeting ready to talk about the problem and the ideas that will be discussed.

How to prepare it

To make the booklet, or diary, it’s important to map out the result you are seeking to obtain from the research and, based on this, create exercises to be carried out by the users. Activities can range from reports for tasks performed throughout the day and perceptions of experiences, to collages, guidance for photographic records of a specific situation, among others. Finally, the material becomes an additional record on the universe of each participant.

Awareness Booklet - MJV Blog

MJV Case

MJV worked on a project that aimed to explore the experiences of individuals in relation to institutional communications, both analogic (letters, folders, etc.) and digital(E-mail marketing, websites, etc.). An activity book was created to explain the subject to the participants.

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