Two projects to engage employees

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Engagement is one of the keywords for corporate efficiency. Throughout the last weeks, we talked about the importance of engagement for teams and how it can be stimulated.

In today’s post, we will talk about a few of the projects we developed to achieve this, focusing on change management and internal communication.

Engagement for change management

For the efficient implementation of a new management system, engaging all employees for whom the system is intended is crucial. With this in mind, MJV was called by a large multinational company to create and implement a change management system for the use of a new ERP system.

The macro objective of this system is engaging its managers in the learning of complex content and the exchange of information in a short time.


To achieve this objective, a system was created through gamification. An online game was created – a quiz – about the new system content. The best players won prizes according to the amount of points they accumulated.

The format of the strategy and the game were done through a Design Thinking perspective. Tools like desk research, interviews with stakeholders, survey of requirements and analysis, definition of guiding criteria and, later, the development of navigable prototype were used for this purpose.

The use of a gamified platform significantly reduced the resistance to adopt the new system and resulted in increased productivity.

Another benefit from the project was the improvement in internal communication with the project team, which enabled employees to be more prepared and well-informed concerning the necessary behavior changes.

Engagement for internal communication or implementation of strategic planning

The process of defining the strategic planning of any company is in itself an endeavor that requires a huge collaborative effort and dedication. Plans lose their purpose when they are not put into practice, so, communicating them across the company and implementing them as planned is the next challenge of this process.

After a long period coordinating the structuring of the strategic planning of a large Brazilian company, MJV continued its work developing a platform to follow the objectives and goals, and this work was based on statistics related to change management processes.

As of the materialization of the strategic planning, the main challenge is to follow the goals set, as well as to continuously engage employees in the execution of strategic actions.

A mobile solution was designed to enable top management to track the progresses of the project through a simple and visually clear language. Thus, strategic planning monitoring becomes part of the company’s routine, integrating everyone involved in the process into a single, mobile platform.

Team engagement can be stimulated in many ways, each one suited to the peculiarities of each company. Knowledge about employees and how their ecosystem works are essential to devise an effective strategy with the right tools (technological or otherwise) that motivates the team to perform as desired.


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