What are the Guiding Criteria in Design Thinking?

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Guiding Criteria are principle directions for a project. They highlight aspects which should not be lost sight of in all development stages of innovative solutions.

The guiding criteria come from the analysis of data collected during the Design Thinking’s Immersion stage, and the scope of the project which will establish the direction most appropriate to the client’s objectives.

The criteria serve as a base to establish the limits of the project and of its real intention. Learn from this post which of the tools of design thinking can help you and read about a case study showing the application of guiding criteria.

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When to use?

The guiding criteria must always be present during the development of a project, since they establish its parameters and provide directions to the solutions, ensuring they are right for the scope of the project.

The guiding criteria emerges from the systemic organization of the Immersion data, during the creation of an affinity diagram or a conceptual map, for example. They, thereby, ensure no relevant issue is neglected and the solutions generated are not too distant from the demand’s focus.

Example: Criteria for new Outsourcing opportunities for IT

During a job developed for a technology company which sought to identify new service offers in outsourcing, we carried out a desk research and in depth interviews with Information Technology executives.

The data collected was organized into Insight Cards, which were then sorted into groups using the Affinity Diagram method, and this is when the criteria that oriented the ideation emerged:

– Creating an incontestable position of prominence amongst the competitors;

– Demonstrate the company’s commitment to innovation;

– Transform the cost-benefit relationship

– Retain customer loyalty, thereby enabling the retention of services;

– Communicate that the human factor is the most crucial aspect of team formation.

Innovation guided by Design

Innovation guided by Design is MJV’s greatest area of expertise. The Guiding Criteria are part of a series of tools you can find in our Design Thinking e-book.

Beside this, we have recently created an Introduction Webinar on Service Design as an Innovation tool. Check it out for free!

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