10 Reasons why you should use chatbots in your business

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In the digital age, the relationship between users and the market becomes a daily concern. Tools and applications are often launched to tighten communication and attract potential internet users to become customers. It is in this scenario that mobility and artificial intelligence (A.I.) come together to facilitate contact with consumers and generate results that are more focused on their desires: the rise of a generation of complex bots that are able to simulate human reasoning – chatbots.

These robots that interact, create analyzes and get answers to different situations, can help optimize CRM with your leads and leverage business, regardless of company size.

10 reasons why you should implement this tool:

 1 – Service Agility:

Companies that have a high demand for CRM and want to reduce time with personal service will find that the chatbot can be the ideal solution when there is an extensive amount of answers, allowing you to tackle doubts, transmit new knowledge and guidelines, as well as control processes. All this in a short time and in a practical way.

 2 – Improvement to the user experience:

The chat interface is simple, and quite similar to text messaging applications, which ensures a good user experience, regardless of age. When it is inserted into the micro moments, it becomes clearer to understand that a good service can generate conversion and brand loyalty.

 3 – Technology in constant improvement:

In order to carry out more elaborate dialogues, the number of data stored by chatbot is constantly increasing, ensuring more efficiency in client-company relations.

 4 – Chatbot integrated to the CRM:

CRM systems generally store their information on external servers (cloud), which minimizes data loss in the event of a machine malfunction.

With all the integrated sectors, chatbot access to information is virtually immediate, streamlining service and reducing noise margins in conversations.

 5 – It can be set up according to your need:

Some less complex situations, which need to be handled in a shorter time, can be tackled by robots: chatbots should be used as facilitators, but never to fully replace human work. With information on how your user behaves, it is possible to set up a more responsive CRM and with that, find out the right moment to use the bots and where they can be more useful.

6 – Competence and authority in the market:

Speed in solving problems also means competence and authority in the market. The technology used in chatbots allows primary doubts to be dealt with faster and prevents the customer from staying in service queues.

7 – Bots are able to deal with delicate situations:

Some clients have more delicate demands, especially in times of debt negotiation: at these times, talking to a clerk can be embarrassing. Automating financing simulations can be useful to resolve these issues and prevent the client from exposing himself.

 8 – Process optimization:

Some procedures that require the client to communicate in person or by email to make agreements, receive documents and other protocols, are already replaced by chatbots. KLM, an American aviation company, is a practical example of this. They make use of the robots to send out tickets and other pertinent information. They can also help optimize marketing and sales efforts by suggesting the purchase of certain products and services.

 9 – Full time and immediate support:

Chatbots work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, keeping the brand close to the customer at all times. In addition to providing a more accessible and immediate communication channel, it allows a reallocation of the work team to more strategic functions.

 10 – Versatile and interactive channel:

Chatbots are versatile and can be used in several segments: Education, Health, Entertainment and the corporate market in general. Robots such as SIRI from the iOS system and Cortana from Windows empower automated forms of online research by modifying forms of communication.


Now that you know the reasons for using this tool, set your goal and validate the potential of this idea before investing. Create an MVP to know exactly what kind of work your bot can perform: sell, collect information, ask questions about your company’s products and/or services, etc.

 The important thing is to think objectively. Which channel will be ideal to allocate your chatbot? You can have it in the company website, in social networks, etc. Understand that different personas are hit when the bots are used strategically: test before implementing it and the final investment will generate better results.

With the increasing need for agility imposed on companies by the market, it is increasingly necessary to use technology to engage and develop relationships that take into account the particularities of each consumer. And the implementation of this system has a lower cost when compared to other solutions.

The adaptive character of chatbots allows them to be “almost human” in the treatment of each case as “unique”, ensuring reliability to the brand. Just remember that bots will always work with and for men, and never to fully replace them.


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