Change Management: gamification attracts different employee profiles

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Have you ever thought about how challenging it could be to carry out change management within the corporate environment? It is necessary to think of team engagement, company differentiation when facing a competitive market and customer loyalty in a conciliatory manner. Gamification is a simple and innovative tool that can aid you in this process.

Applying game mechanics to the corporate environment is a compelling way of engaging different professional profiles and overcome resistance to change. In retail, for instance, gamification can be used to redesign the way a brand relates to its consumer. Among the different possibilities is a platform that grants a bonus at the end of the iteration, and an option to share the results in social media networks, hence, stimulating engagement.

Gamification strategies lead to better results

As for entertainment, familiarity with games is what makes this incorporation into company strategies more palpable. According to a survey conducted by M2 Advisory Group, today, more than one billion people consider themselves active gamers worldwide. In Brazil, about 60 million Brazilians have a video game console at home.

The survey also estimates that, in 2016, US$ 2.8 billion were invested in gamification around the world. The search for alternatives in the business is a sign that the way companies innovate has changed. According to a survey conducted by Gartner, in 2015, 71% of Americans who were not motivated at work increased their productivity by 80% or 90% after using gamification.

Furthermore, according to Gartner, companies implementing gamification can improve employee engagement by 20% through production processes and they can obtain a 250% revenue growth when compared to competitors who do not yet use this strategy.

In a furniture store in São Paulo, the use of virtual games led to an increase in quotes by 18% in less than three months. In another case, gamification was used in change management for one of MJV’s client companies to reduce the negative impacts of implementing SAP – a business management software.

Design Thinking can help you reconcile expectations and goals

Before applying game mechanics to your business, it is necessary to carry out an immersion around the company’s context in order to find out the necessary changes that need to be managed and the profile of your target audience, or the team, if the goal is to improve employee productivity.

This action is supported by Design Thinking, which enables analysis, ideation and prototype testing prior to the implementation of a project. “What are the goals I need to achieve?” and “Which profiles will make use of gamification?” are some of the questions that must be asked to set your goals and objectives, as well as reach the best gamified solution that matches the company’s expectations. Making people more proactive in the process, creating a positive and unique vision for change, and stimulating collaboration and integration are some of the benefits a company can reap from applying gamification to a change management project.

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