Change Management: Using Gamification to Reduce Negative Impacts During SAP Implementation (Part II)

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gamification part II - MJV BlogThis is the second in a series of three posts about using Gamification to reduce negative impacts during an SAP solution (Change Management) implementation process. Before you continue, read the first part here.

Change and behaviours

Another point that needs to be analysed is the team’s behavioural profiles with regard to the shift to the SAP system. This is because the capturing of messages and training depend on the way each profile will be approached.

Three very common types of behaviour are shown below:


This group contains individuals who embrace work and like what they do. They actively participate in tasks, aware of the objectives proposed by the company and team. They like to feel part of their social and professional context and to face constant challenges.


These professionals tend only to engage in projects where they see benefits for themselves. They are generally reserved and only socialise in order to feel secure with their colleagues. At the same time, they seek to do their activities perfectly, adding a lot of value to the team.

Indifferent people

These people are present physically, but their heart isn’t in it, and they almost never root actively for the company, only when it interests them. This group includes professionals who are concerned about their own interests and objectives, so they are not very sociable. Because they participate in activities of little significance and that demand little interaction, they stay on the sidelines and enjoy little visibility.

Why is it important to identify behavioural profiles?

According to Bruno Medina, head of Gamification at MJV, identifying behavioural profiles is fundamental during the moment of directing efforts for change management. He argues that only by knowing the way people behave during the implementation process is it possible to think about capacity building and training. “By knowing how to identify the way team members deal with change, it’s easier to plan awareness-raising approaches.”

In our next post you will see the seven benefits that Gamification brings to a change management project.

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