Gamification creates engagement in corporate training

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gamificacao gera engajamento em treinamentos corporativos


Employee engagement is the kind of challenge that CEOs of large companies have to face at some point in the business. Providing training, improving process management, increasing efforts to retain key talents, and refining leadership development programs are some of the activities that deserve the attention of executives. With the market in constant evolution, and constantly incorporating more and more technological resources, escaping the traditional thinking and innovating through gamification can be a good strategy to keep your employees stimulated.


Motivated employees lead to successful companies

Traditional methods bring security and good results, but when a company adopts innovative techniques, it awakens the team’s attention and commitment. According to Ysmar Vianna, CEO of MJV Technology & Innovation, the adoption of gamification by companies can help them in this sense.


“Games, as well as entertainment, serve as a form of engagement. It is not only a competitive activity, but also a cooperative one”


MJV case: Gamify to stimulate

Recently, a large retail brand* decided to change the systems in all areas of its stores, which represented an impact on the operational routine of nine thousand employees. The company then decided to use gamification to empower them, promoting a much more playful and motivating training experience. MJV was responsible for conceptualizing and developing the game as a whole.

The challenge was to create a gamified solution to replace the traditional training methods used by the company at the time. The solution should take into account the different profiles of employees so that everyone receives training in the systems related to their respective positions.
In response to this challenge, the project team idealized the metaphor behind the game (its mechanics), the learning content, and developed the system. The chosen metaphor used the spatial concept in which users are explorers who need to discover unknown territories.

In relation to mechanics, a dynamic activity involving scores, rankings, trophies, avatars, teams, and other functionalities was defined, such as sending internal notifications and exchanging messages between employees. As for the content, immersion activities were made in the new systems in order to understand each of the processes, transforming them into a simple systematic language and creating questions inherent to the subject in question.
Finally, MJV’s Team carried out the entire development of the project through the waterfall method, which involves managing projects in a sequential manner, allowing progress to be made as each stage is fully completed. So, everything that had been previously idealized at the conceptualization stage was maintained in accordance with the final result.


Do you want to use gamification to engage your employees? Click here and check out eight steps to implement this process in your company.

* The company’s name was hidden to preserve the project’s confidentiality

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