5 Sectors that are Being Transformed by the Internet of Things

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5 sectors that are being transformed by the Internet of Things - MJV Blog

As you may know, objects connected to the internet may be controlled and monitored from a distance thanks to the Internet of Things. This correspondence may occur with or without human interaction.

If you’re interested in learning more about the effects of this technology that is triggering so much disruptive change in business, here are a few uses and opportunities in 5 sectors that are being transformed by the IoT.


Using locating systems in real time, security sensors, barcodes and GPS in various areas of a factory is already possible and is increasing technological intelligence in the industrial sector.

Internet of Things - SECTOR 1: INDUSTRY - MJV Blog

How to apply the Internet of Things in this sector:

– Creating a factory operations system especially designed to meet the demands of factory production.

– Integrating production results with feeds or reports in real time, through an app or webpage.

– Improving monitoring of production areas by following up all steps of the process as they happen.

– Having indicators for production and quality, as well as a full record and traceability of manufactured goods and comparative reports.


Companies that use fleets are already monitoring the vehicle and its load in real time. Other options include:SECTOR 2: FLEET MANAGEMENT - MJV Blog

– The possibility of monitoring the exact location of the vehicle through a software, which can be used on any computer or smartphone;

– Using the technology in larger vehicles such as trains, allowing the operators to stay in communication and have control of various operations between freight trains;

– Guaranteeing the security of transportation in all steps between the point of origin and the destination;

– Besides knowing the status, it’s possible to control the environment of where the cargo is: humidity, temperature, etc.


A fleet that is competely automated is also an option, as well as:


– Monitoring the lifespan of load components or its entirety, you can also monitor the lifespan of a tire and prevent accidents;
Optimizing routes and distribution schedules;

– Promoting responsible driving habits and locating the vehicle in case of theft;

– Identifying the driver and the GPS location, monitoring speed and changes in pace;

– Data is sent to the cloud, being transformed in intelligence and accessed by a safe web interface or mobile apps.


A smart house or company is not only possible in movies anymore.


– Smart environments and houses use the internet of things;

– The house monitoring system works in conjunction with the GPS and understands when people are approaching the house. This enables the system to prepare the reception by turning lights on, starting to prepare food in the oven or other programmed activities;

– It’s viable to make a smart city, where lights go on and off according to population presence;

– The monitoring system may include the gas supply, coffee, ice, water; whatever can be connected to sensors to communicate with a device;

– The more devices are designed to function in a smart way, the greater the possibilities for this sector.



Security and supervising without the need of spending a fortune is a reality many companies are only starting to discover. This is one of the sectors that can benefit greatly from the Internet of Things. Through the IoT it’s possible to:

– The internet of things can be used in security;

– Remotely control the cameras in real time;

– Obtain the record of entry/exit and permanence at the location;

– Be notified in case of invasions;

– Activate devices to simulate the presence of people in the house;

– Side-effects of the Internet of Things: everything is connected!

Now you have a clearer idea of how you can innovate with the technology that is revolutionizing products and changing the scene of global competition. Improving time-to-market and decision-making is only a couple of the many benefits that can be reached when using the IoT with clear goals. Aside from being innovativ e, this technology can be used in simple and inexpensive ways in an area.


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