How to Apply the Internet of Things at your Company

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You must be noticing how technology is approaching another large upgrade. Well, humanity is taking a huge step through the Internet of Things, the way in which it is possible to connect physical objects to the internet.

Until 2020, it is estimated that over 30 billion devices will be connected to the web. Physical objects contain electronic elements capable of collecting data and sending it to users. There are several possible uses: the refrigerator could send an sms to a mobile phone warning it is out of water, for instance. Technology brings more precision, safety and information in several areas. Check out some of them:

IoT Applications


Controlling stock via RFID (a type of tag), turning on public lighting, etc. The Zelar project is an MJV startup that offers control to basic home devices, such as water, electricity and gas supply, and can be used to remotely control the house and even take certain measures. We also have a study on the application of a Queue Alert, which enables you to foresee problems in supermarkets, banks and shops.


Car sensors, residential automation, objects of personal use like wallets and watches, amongst others. MJV has a project for car insurance, Lynks, which uses the IoT to precisely understand the client’s behavior, opening a hidden window for insurance companies: incident investigation.


Heart monitoring implants communicate with the web and can be controlled and checked from an application that receives the data. Intelligent shoes are another example of an application already in use. The device publishes the runner’s route. The operating system is similar in all objects.


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