How a Hackathon can Change your Company

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There are several formulas to develop innovative projects in a company, and one of them is becoming increasingly popular and efficient. When its context is fully understood and applied correctly, a universe of possibilities arises from the evolution of the brainstorming: the Hackathon.

The marathon of knowledge, integration, performance, optimism and learning brought by this methodology is huge for the software development world.

Imagine the minds of marathon runners, even the traditional São Silvestre Marathon in Brazil or the Boston Marathon in the US. All the discipline, focus, concentration added to the runner’s chemical explosion, transforming their physical energy into oxygen and even strength to finish the race.

Take away the physical part of all this action, the muscle wear and the individuality of the race, and replace them with motivation, resilience, satisfaction, team work and action to complete the race, and replace it with a challenge that is intellectual, engaging, attuned with your own team and opposing teams.

That’s a Hackathon: a brilliant competition designed to develop the best solutions to feed the innovation culture.

Propelling the corporate culture forward

With this force pushing the corporate culture, companies have chosen the programming marathon as a way to boost the development of new applications or solutions and to provide the change in attitude for the creative process.

Innovation is necessary, and knowing how to do it is a key piece in this puzzle. Therefore, executives are choosing this type of productive meeting as part of this change process, transforming the interpretation of the concept of innovation, opening up opportunities for new ways to solve old problems or create products that exceed expectations, creating value for the organization.

Developing products that are both, innovative and unexpected, better and more proactive than in the initial scope. This transforms the company, making it more agile and integrated, ready to deal with the challenges brought by the questfor results.


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